Memory Loss Tele-Class

I’ve put together a tele-class about key issues you need to know about when coping with memory loss.

People from all over the U.S. and the world visit seeking answers and support for memory loss issues.  The teleclass format allows us to share and learn no matter where you are located from the comfort of your home or office.

Class 1: Understanding Memory Loss

Causes of poor memory. Different types of dementia. Why a doctor's evaluation is critical.

Class 2: Tips and Tricks for Managing a Failing Memory

Maximizing independence. How family and friends can help.

Class 3: Health Challenges Associated with Poor Memory

Class 4: Planning for the Long Term

How to talk about and plan for the future.

Is this class right for you? If you are helping a family member with memory loss or suffering from memory loss issues yourself, now is the time to get the information you need to take actions that can improve life now and in the future.