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Top Tips to Help Aging & Ailing Family Members- December 2012
December 13, 2012

Passion, Your Most Power Caregiver Weapon

Your secret and strongest weapon as a caregiver for a family member is passion. It can also be your greatest downfall.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I once sat in a care plan meeting for my mother at her dementia care residence and was told “Your family is co-dependent, you need to start letting her go…” I responded if being passionate about my mom’s care and safety was being co-dependent then we’ll proudly claim it. I knew my family’s passion for mom wasn’t convenient for an organization that wasn't willing to provide quality care.

The fly in the ointment of all this passion is that our spontaneous defenses and anger over my mom’s care was not getting us the results we wanted. We were being written off as negative, impossible to please and people to be avoided.

Our relationship with her care community needed to change but how would we do it?

We needed to channel our passion constructively to get the best care for my mom. The truth was if we were confrontational and killed the messenger, we were also killing our chances of hearing the truth about mom’s needs and care. If we were always angry and pointing out problems, why would anyone interact with us voluntarily?

So this is what we did…

We started keeping a log, where we documented what went right and what went wrong.

We used the log to prepare an agenda of things we wanted to discuss for meetings with the care community’s management.

We made sure to offer praise for things that went well and we discussed problems that needed to be corrected. When we discussed problems, we provided as many facts as possible, the time, the date or day of the week, who was involved and how many times the problem happened.

We came to the table with a specific remedy or solution in mind and we asked for it

No one in the family met with the management staff on their own (especially my dad who was particularly “passionate”).

We documented the agreed upon solution and the date when it would be implemented.

We followed up as needed to make sure that things changed.

I’d like to report that we saw a marked improvement in my mom’s care right away but the truth is, it took time. We kept at it, documenting, praising, constructively complaining and following up. Over time we did make a difference, management took our complaints more seriously; we felt more powerful in protecting mom and slowly things improved.

Passion, love and regard for your family member is your strongest tool as a family caregiver. Used wisely and constructively, you can make sure your loved one gets the care they need.

New Class Coming in January

I'm excited to announce a new teleclass 5 Simple Secrets to Guarantee Quality Care for your Family Member that I will conducting via telephone in January 2013.

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More details will be coming your way in early January!

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