Pace Yourself!

Nothing like the flu to make me consider our common humanity. As I stretched like a wet noodle the length of my couch, I thought about my plans for the week and knew I had to let go. What was right in that moment and for the next few days was to rest, get better and not spread my germs to others.

I'm a great one for imagining that I'm the boss of everything. The great lesson of an illness whether it's your own or that of a family member is the reminder of what exactly you are the boss of.

Exciting Changes to Eldercare Coaching in 2010

Just a quick note about upcoming changes to Eldercare Coaching for 2010.

New Program

Eldercare Answers
Email coaching; Idea filled workbooks; Audio eldercare lessons for one low monthly price.

Change to "It Takes a Village Support Calls"
Starting in January, the calls will have a theme and education presentation for about 1/2 hour at the beginning of the call followed by open discussion.

Is it Time to Discuss Your Eldercare Challenges with an Expert?

Have your caregiving responsibilities left you stressed, angry or feeling guilty?

Do you suspect that your family member needs help and don't know where to start?

Whether you are an experienced caregiver verging on burnout or a new caregiver who is not sure how to help a family member, you can benefit from Eldercare Coaching.

To experience what's it's like to have an expert in your corner providing advice and resources tailored to your unique situation, click here to schedule a no cost 30 minute consultation.

Won't You Join Us At Our December Events

Wednesday, January 14, 7pm PST
Our first free teleclass/group discussion of 2010
Call in number: (616) 347-8400
Pin number: 196932#

To register for this event, please reply to this email.