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Top Tips to Help Aging & Ailing Family Members- March 2013
March 21, 2013

Family Baggage: Coin Purse or Steamer Trunk?

Caring for an aging parent usually involves the unexpected benefit of coping with baggage from our upbringing. Unexpected benefit??? I know that some of you have traveled far and long on a journey away from family expectations. Many times in order to fully be yourself, you had to step away. Whether your family baggage is just a coin purse or the size of a steamer truck, reconnecting with family to care for a family member is the opportunity to take more steps forward.

Here are some suggestions for success when coping with family baggage.

It’s all about you. Make your decision to provide care to a family member about you. It’s not about earning love or gaining approval. This decision must be a true expression of your values.

Make it about learning and growing. You are not a child. You have the ability to set boundaries and investigate assumptions that your family puts on you. Were you the family flake before? Are you expected to sacrifice your wants and needs for others? The key question for you to answer…Who am I now?

Bring all of you to the table. You’ve been out in the world gather skills. Your family may not understand how you’ve grown and changed and what you have to offer. Gently persist in bringing all your skills to bear on your role as a caregiver.

When your stress level is high and old family roles and expectations threaten to overwhelm you, seek the help of friends and professionals to stay strong and remind you of who you are now.

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