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Top Tips to Help Aging & Ailing Family Members- November 2013
November 14, 2013

Creating Holiday Satisfaction

While the holiday season seems to be about togetherness, family harmony and celebration, for many of us it is a complex and not entirely happy time of year. There is pressure to do so much. Often memories of seemingly happier times intrude on present day celebrations. I know for myself that while I try to be present and content, I see that there are empty chairs around the table for family members who are not with us.

So the holidays, like so many other parts of life, are complicated. With busy caregiving schedules, adding the holidays on top of your other responsibilities can feel overwhelming.

Here are some suggestions to simplify the holiday season.

Curate your holiday plans to leave in the events, people and activities, you most enjoy. Decide which holiday traditions bring the greatest joy and then give up some of the less fulfilling ones.

Allow days of rest. Decide which invitations you really want to keep and let some of the rest of them go. This will give you some days where you can follow your regular schedule.

When attending holiday events with your family member you are caring for, be sure to create the expectation with your host about any special needs that your family member has including that you may leave early or need a place for your family member to rest.

Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season.

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