The Alzheimer's Association, a good source of AD education.

The Alzheimer's Association (Alzheimer's Society in the United Kingdom) is a powerful resource for families and individuals coping with Alzheimer's disease (AD).

Local chapters of the Alzheimer's Association (Alzheimer's Society UK) are found in cities across the United States providing hands on support to families. Each local chapter offers information and referrals; care consultations; support groups for family members and individuals with early stage AD; safety services and education for family and professional caregivers.

The Association is the largest, private, non profit funder of Alzheimer's disease research. Their Memory Walk annual fund raisers are well known fall events where families, patients and professionals in communities all across the U.S. walk to raise money for research and raise public awareness.

The Association has developed two programs of special value to families.

The MedicAlert Safe Return program provides for the safe identification and return of wandering AD patients. Families can purchase special identification jewelry that are backed by a database that provides first responders and medical personnel with information about the patient and how to locate family members.

The Association has created support groups for individuals in early stage Alzheimer's disease. These groups provide an important social and emotional support network for people with AD to help them cope with the social isolation that can be a part of the disease.

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