Find the best dementia doctors for an accurate diagnosis.

Fear and denial can prevent early diagnosis of dementia. Finding the best dementia doctor and getting the proper treatment for your family member can greatly improve his/her quality of life.

Most families start with a visit to the family doctor. You may also want to seek out a specialist such as a neurologist who deals with diseases of the brain and nervous system or a geriatrician who specializes in aging.

Many hospitals have memory clinics where individuals can receive a comprehensive evaluation of their memory issues from the best dementia doctors.

Several types of tests are used to target a diagnosis of dementia. In fact, dementia in and of itself, is not a complete enough diagnosis to start taking action. Dementia is an umbrella term that covers a group of illnesses that all have similar symptoms with different causes and treatments.

The top causes of dementia are Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia and Lewy body disease.

If your family member is reluctant to discuss memory issues or in denial over what is happening, you will need to get information to the doctor in advance or be willing to bring up issues in the appointment.

How to prepare for the doctor visit:

  • Write down what types of problems your family member is having and how often they are occurring.
  • Bring a copy of his/her health history.
  • Bring a list of prescriptions, non-prescription drugs, vitamins and herbal remedies that he is taking.

What to expect during the doctor visit:

  • A complete physical and neurological exam.
  • Questions about your family member's medical and lifestyle history.
  • Blood and urine tests to rule out other conditions that can mimic dementia like thyroid disease.
  • A hearing test because hearing loss looks like memory loss when your family member can't remember something because he never heard you say it.
  • A test of your family member's mental abilities looking at memory, problem solving, counting and language.
The doctor may also recommend a CT scan of the brain and an evaluation by a psychiatrist.

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