Caregiver Balance Worksheet

I invite you to play with the Caregiver Balance worksheet to see what you may learn. Managing your own well being is so critical to caregiving success.

The worksheet helps you stay in touch with your satisfaction in your life and your caregiving role. It will help you identify where you may want to make some changes to keep your life in better balance.

The Caregiver Balance worksheet has you focus on six critical elements for sustained and sustainable caregiving.

  1. Enjoyment: I make time for activities and people I enjoy.
  2. Rest: I sleep well. I get enough rest. I take time away from my caregiving responsibilities at regular intervals.
  3. Connection: I am connected to a community that is supportive and helpful.
  4. Attention to wellness: I visit my doctor and follow his/her advice. I eat well and exercise regularly.
  5. Reflection: I take the time to renew myself emotionally and spiritually. I check in regularly to make sure I amacting in a way that is consistent with my values.
  6. Mastery: I understand my family member’s condition. I know what to expect in general for the future. We have aplan and we have proactively lined up resources to help.

Download Caregiver Balance Worksheet here

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