Your Caregiving from
"Burnout to Balance"

Caregiving for a family member is challenging. The Burnout to Balance program helps you reduce stress, feel more balanced and renew your commitment to caring for a family member.

A message from Janice Wallace, The Caregivers Coach.

Are you worn out by caring for a family member? Have your caregiving responsibilities left you isolated? Do you sometimes feel angry…at yourself for saying yes, at your family member for being ill and at your family and friends who don’t or won’t help you?

Do you want your life back and then feel like a terrible person?

What if your caregiving could be lighter, more satisfying and become the gift you intended it to be? The “Burnout to Balance” program is designed to help you lead a fulfilling and balanced life while confidently caring for an aging family member.


  • More peace of mind
  • A renewed sense of purpose, accomplishment and commitment
  • More confident decision-making
  • Better balance between time for you and your family, career and caregiving responsibilities
  • Increased clarity around family relationships

Examples of what you can focus on

  • Setting and communicating clearly defined boundaries around caregiving
  • Asking confidently for help from family and friends
  • Communicating more effectively with caregiving and medical professionals
  • Coping with your family member’s illness specific symptoms such as memory loss
  • Discussing end-of-life issues with the family member receiving care
  • Breaking through old family scripts and creating new relationships with family members


  • 90 minute intensive to identify key issues and outcomes for you
  • In-depth questionnaire to identify where you are now in your caregiving journey and what is and isn’t working
  • 5-30 minute private telephone sessions
  • 3-45 minute tele-classes
  • Email access between sessions
  • Personalized caregiver’s handbook

Investment: 3 monthly payments of $325 or $925 in full.

Schedule a no cost consultation with Janice to discuss if the "Burnout to Balance" program is right for you.