Dementia Behaviors vs. Normal Aging

Dementia behaviors can be confusing to family members. When my mother began telling repetitive stories and asking repeated questions, my family made a lot of excuses for her. We thought she bored in retirement after an active work life or perhaps she was depressed.

It’s also true that these behaviors can be symptoms of other diseases. That’s why it is so crucial to know the warning signs and seek a doctor’s advice. Wouldn’t it be terrible to think that your family member has a curable condition that just mimics dementia?

Sometimes people believe that memory loss is part of normal aging. We should all know that having trouble with daily tasks like cooking or paying bills is not part of normal aging that’s why I’ve created this mini report called Dementia vs. Normal Aging. Learn the warning signs so that you can help your family member get the help he/she needs.

PS If you are like me and already know that a family member has memory issues and you worry every time you misplace an item or can't remember someone's name, this article may help set your mind at ease.

Dementia vs. Normal Aging

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