Grieving and Healing from Loss

Grieving the loss of a family member is the final stage of the caregiving journey.

Many of the things that people say to us during this painful time are not helpful.

"He's in a better place."

"Your mom and dad are together now."

"Keep busy to take your mind off your mom."

Whether your loss is new or a hurt that you have carried in your heart for a long time. There is help. There is a process you can follow that will lead to healing.

The Grief Recovery Institute has developed a 12 week program to guide grievers through a healing process.

Our next workshop starts on May 1, 2008.

Come and learn more at one of two free introductory presentations scheduled for Thursday April 17 or Thursday April 24 at 7pm at Stonestown Family YMCA Senior Annex, 3150 20th Avenue in San Francisco.

The workshop will be held on Thursdays at the Stonestown YMCA.

To enroll in the workshop use the Paypal buttons below or call Janice Wallace at 415-661-3271

If you are a member of YMCA, the workshop will cost $225:

If you are not a member of YMCA, the workshop will cost $250:

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