Meet Janice Wallace, The Eldercare Coach

I know how frustrating and overwhelming caring for your parents can be. I’ve been a family caregiver for fourteen years. Maintaining sustained action to meet your parent’s needs while keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy are the two biggest challenges of caregiving.

My caregiver’s journey started when I could no longer deny that my mother had changed from an articulate, intelligent woman into a paranoid, confused mess. I felt helpless to change what was happening to her.

Over the next 14 years, my family faced one painful challenge after another. We struggled with my mother’s loss of independence, finding the right diagnosis for her condition and ultimately her placement in a care facility.

I yearned for someone to talk to and help me sort out what was important. Someone who would help me balance caring for my mom with the rest of my life.

Many years have passed since that helpless, hopeless day. Through my years as a caregiver and my training and experience as a coach, I developed Eldercare Coaching to help families like yours and mine.

Now that you have read my story, listen to a recent radio interview to get to know me better.

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