Know the Warning Signs of Stress

Some of the warning signs of stress are:
Strong, unexpected emotional changes such as being quick to become angry, easily moved to tears or quick to become frustrated.
Loss of appetite or uncharacterisic over eating.
Interrupted sleep or insomnia.
Racing heart beat.
Confusion or loss of memory.
Difficulty making decisions.
Developing new health problems or worsening of exisiting chronic conditions.
Frequently catching colds.

Print out and complete the Caregiver Burden quiz to measure your stress.

Noticing that you have the warning signs of stress, gives you the heads up to start managing your chronic stress brought on by caregiving.

Managing your stress:
Don't neglect your wellness basics. Make sure you exercise, daily if possible. Eat healthy foods. Check in with your doctor regularly and keep up with preventative testing.
Seek support and community. Caregiving can be isolating. Schedule time to connect with friends and family. Schedule time away from your caregiving duties on a regular basis. Attend support groups, join online communities and seek professional support.
Engage in a spiritual practice that uplifts and centers you. Stay engaged with your spiritual community. Seek the solace that prayer or meditation has to offer.

Continuing to live with extreme caregiver stress puts you at risk for depression. To learn more about caregiver stress and depression, follow this link.

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